Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics (3rd ed)

Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics (3rd ed)

  • ISBN-13: 9780915486229
  • Author: Michael E. Winter
  • Publisher: Applied Therapeutics
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 436
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housands of students have discovered that this classic text provides an excellent, easy-to-understand introduction to an often intimidating subject. The straightforward writing style and case-study format distill the essence of clinical pharmacokinetics. Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics was written specifically to teach students how to apply pharmacokinetic data and the tools of therapeutic drug monitoring to patient care. Part One provides a basic review of pharmacokinetic principles. Extensive explanations, graphic illustrations, and detailed algorithms teach the principles of bioavailability, volume of distribution, clearance, elimination rate constant, and half-life. Part Two explains the clinical applications of these principles. Solutions to problems commonly encountered in the practice setting are discussed for specific drugs. Appendices provide commonly used equations and a glossary of pharmacokinetic terms and abbreviations

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