Histotechnology: A Self-Assessment Workbook, 3rd Edition

  • ISBN-13: 9780891896401
  • $130.02

The ideal companion to Freida Carson s just-released 4th Edition of Histotechnology: A Self-Instructional Text, the new edition of the Workbook has been updated and expanded, with more than 1,100 questions to test your understanding of histotechnology concepts. Questions follow the organization of the textbook and are presented in a variety of formats to better assess understanding. Answers, explanations, and references to specific points in the new edition of Histotechnology for further study are included at the end of each chapter. - More than 1,100 questions covering new and expanded content in the textbook, including molecular techniques, immunohistochemistry, enzyme histochemistry, laboratory safety, and laboratory informatics - Includes more than 400 image-based questions - All answers are keyed to corresponding pages in Histotechnology: A Self-Instructional Text, 4th Edition for extended study - Perfect as a self-study tool or teaching aid

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