International Marijuana: The No B.S. Guide to Investing in Weed Stocks Globally

International Marijuana: The No B.S. Guide to Investing in Weed Stocks Globally

  • ISBN-13: 9781521059685
  • Author: Peter Hatcher PFA
  • Publisher: Independently published
  • Publication date: 2017-04-16
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 107
  • $7.46

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Wouldn’t it have been nice to own shares of Anheuser-Busch in the 1930’s just after prohibition was repealed? Even since 1997, its share price has increased a full 1000% to well over $100 per share. That doesn’t even consider its stock splits. This global company now has a market share of nearly 50% in the U.S. alone. Well now there’s an opportunity to own the Anheuser-Busch of the future. As most people know, millions of investors are already reaping stock market profits in a fast emerging industry still at ground zero-- the Cannabis industry. Unfortunately, in the United States, marijuana is still classified as a “Schedule 1” drug on par with heroin and LSD. Consequently, expansion for companies will be difficult. Therefore, the next Anheuser-Busch will likely not be in the U.S. It will be abroad! The U.S. is one of at least 17 other countries on the path to legalization. In fact, there are countries legalizing recreational Marijuana within the next 12 months and their stocks are already exploding! Right this instant, several of these publicly traded companies are tracking to be the next Anheuser-Busch. For all these reasons, millions of Investors are turning to foreign companies all around the world. Newsmax quoted an analyst saying that the “Medical Marijuana industry is projected to Top $40 billion dollars by 2020” in the U.S. But that’s pennies compared to other countries. According to a report from the University of Sydney, the initial demand for medical cannabis in Australia could be worth more than $100 M a year. This is expected to expand to $300 M a year should recreational cannabis become legal as well. Similar numbers have been projected for other countries. At the time of this writing, marijuana stocks have dominated the trading on Canada’s TSX Venture index, averaging around 10 per cent of the volume on the total exchange! Did you know you can buy shares of these companies too, regardless of physical location and citizenship? You don’t have to be an insider. This book will teach you how. The following pages are a direct, no-nonsense guide to making easy profit by investing in these global companies. Some of what you’ll learn includes: -A guide on how to choose an online brokerage firm that allows you to buy international stocks cheaply. -17 countries that just legalized cannabis or are legalizing soon. -The 20 best, safest, fastest growing Marijuana related companies trading on public exchanges around the world. Based on their management, partnerships, contracts and spreadsheets, these companies are most likely to compete for global market share. Many of them have already given investors over 500% in profits in less than a year. -A guide on how to do further research on the selected companies in this book and future companies that have yet to enter the market. -Trading strategy tips including position trading, swing trading, entry and exit points, margin trading and more. -Online resources and more! Around the world, cannabis may become as common as getting prescription medicine in the next five years. In the next ten years, it may become as common as a bottle of wine. So get your ticket to the “International Green Rush” before it’s too late!

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